Tutorial Videos



  Initial Setup (Basic)

       Shows how to do the initial setup of PasswordVault, and add and login into an example

        GMail account.

  Adding Services (Basic)

       Shows how to add a web login (Gmail), web bookmarks (Wikipedia), textclips (Outlook

       email message) and application logins (Skype and Microsoft Messenger). The use of

       each example service is then demonstrated.

  Auto-Distribution of Service Data (Advanced)

       Shows how to set up a simple auto-distribution scheme, where one user updates a
       business’s PasswordVault services, and other users around the office get these updates

  Team-Based Auto-Distribution (Advanced)

       Shows how to set up two independent team-based auto-distribution schemes. Each team

       operates efficiently and independently of others at a local level - this design works well for

       small organizations, but also scales for large organizations with many small business


  Boost Your Business Productivity (Executive Briefing)

       Shows how businesses and organizations can significantly boost their office productivity
       and security using the powerful range of features built into Passwordvault.


  Kenbushi setup wizard

  Adding more media to the media library

  Transferring media from another computer

  Downloading new cover artwork for media

  Loading/Syncing media to a media player

  Full-screen media control mode

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PC-Mac SecureJournal

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