Site Licenses

PasswordVault (Pro): P.O.A.

Request site license info (custom build, unlimited users)

We can build you a customized version of PasswordVault to tailor it to your organization's requirements (eg. a custom backdrop showing your corporate logo). See ‘Custom builds’ below for more details.

We accept payment via PayPal (which manages both PayPal cash and credit card payments), as well as direct international bank deposit. For schools, universities and government, we also accept purchase orders. Other payment arrangements may be negotiated. Please email us for more details.

"The University of Illinois has purchased site licenses of PasswordVault for their campuses at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Chicago (UIC) and Springfield (UIS). They chose a customized build of the software which was preregistered, had a backdrop utilizing their University's official colors and logo design, and which included extended desktop licensing (so staff and students could also use PasswordVault on their own home and laptop computers)."

"The Regional Educational Media Center #1, located in Michigan state, is an organization whose role is to provide technology and instructional materials support to local school districts. They purchased an unlimited site license and PasswordVault currently assists them in managing around 500 services throughout their organization."

Distributing the PasswordVault software to your users

Site licensees can distribute PasswordVault by placing it on internal file servers for internal access within the organization.

The terms for software distribution of the Enterprise Edition under a site license:

PasswordVault (the desktop version) can be used on computers which are owned or operated by the organization which has purchased the site license, as well as by staff directly employed by the organization. For example, at a university, staff can use PasswordVault on their University desktop, laptop and home computers, and might obtain it by downloading it from an internal university server accessible only to staff. Students would be required to purchase a Standard Edition license to use it on their own laptops and home computers, etc., or they could use the free Lite Edition without restriction. Extended licensing for students is also available (see ‘Custom builds’ below).

Technical support

Site licensees can designate up to 2 technical support officers per site to which we will provide technical support. These technical support officers need to handle all their user's technical support questions regarding PasswordVault. We will, under no circumstances, provide technical support directly to end users operating under a site licence.

Custom builds

We can build you a customized version of PasswordVault to tailor it to your organization's requirements, and also provide ongoing support and maintenance. This includes:

Custom backdrop - your own unique backdrop can be set as the default. This raises the profile of your organization to users of the software and allows you to graphically integrate the software with your own organizational style.

Prelicensing - users do not need to enter a runtime key during installation. This simplifies installation and reduces help desk support requirements.

Extended licensing - licenses for PasswordVault2Go (for USB sticks), students being able to install and use PasswordVault on their home computers and laptops.

Fixed preferences eg. fixed lockout time, fixed categories, specific master password requirements (minimum length, mix of upper and lowercase characters and numbers, etc.), fixed transfer modes, fixed button styles, etc, etc.

Custom functionality - we can customize the application itself with additional functionality (for example, saving of PV preferences to mapped network drives, interface to security card, retinal or fingerprint scanners, etc).

Custom prebuilt MSI installers for easy remote deployment on Windows.

Basic and advanced tutorial videos, tailored to your organization’s requirements.




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