Benefits of OEM Licensing

   1. Adds significant value and functionality to your USB flash drive product

   2. Clearly and positively differentiates your product from those of competitors

   3. Increased sales of your USB flash drives should easily pay the license fees

   4. PasswordVault is a proven, mature product available right now

   5. It is licensed by major site licensees, including the University of Illinois

   6. Your company logo or brand is displayed prominently on the main window

   7. USB flash drive version auto-syncs seamlessly with the desktop version

   8. Works across all major computer platforms: MacOS, Windows and Linux

   9. All program upgrades for all platforms are included in the license fee

  10. Very simple user installation - no serial number needs to be entered

  11. We can have your custom build ready for you within two weeks

PasswordVault Lite OEM license (up to 25 services, unlimited users): Free

PasswordVault (Std) OEM license (unlimited users): P.O.A.

PasswordVault (Pro) OEM license (unlimited users): P.O.A.

Distributing PasswordVault Lite To Your Users

OEM licensees can distribute both the desktop and portable versions of PasswordVault Lite for all platforms (MacOS, Windows and Linux) on hard media or via Internet download.

Limitations Of The Lite Edition

1) Your customers are limited to 25 services. If they try to add more than 25 services, an alert will be displayed suggesting they upgrade to the Standard or Professional Edition.

2) The Lava Software logo will be displayed prominently on the main window, rather than your company's logo.

Technical Support

OEM licensees can designate up to 2 technical support officers to which we will provide technical support. These technical support officers need to handle all their user's technical support questions regarding PasswordVault. We will, under no circumstances, provide technical support directly to end users operating under a normal OEM licence.

Custom Build

If you choose a PasswordVault OEM license, we will build you a customized version of PasswordVault and tailor it to your OEM requirements. This includes:

Custom backdrop - your own unique backdrop can be set as the default. Your company logo or brand will be prominently displayed every time the user launches PasswordVault.

Prelicensing - users do not need to enter a runtime key during installation.

Custom functionality - we can customize the application itself with additional functionality (for example, to interface to security card, retinal or fingerprint scanners).




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