"The University of Illinois has purchased site licenses of PasswordVault for their campuses at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), Chicago (UIC) and Springfield (UIS). They chose a customized build of the software which was preregistered, had a backdrop utilizing their University's official colors and logo design, and which included extended desktop licensing (so staff and students could also use PasswordVault on their own home and laptop computers). The license has been renewed annually since 2005." Link...

"The Regional Educational Media Center #1, located in Michigan state, is an organization whose role is to provide technology and instructional materials support to local school districts. They purchased an unlimited site license in July 2005, and PasswordVault currently assists them in managing around 500 services throughout their organization."


"I did a lot research in selecting a password program and thought yours was REALLY good.  I especially like the memory stick feature."

-- A. Turley, ME, USA

"I use PasswordVault nearly every day. It's a great product."

-- Bob Rosenberg, Webmaster, Stanford University Center for Professional Development, Stanford, CA.

"Thank you for your outstanding product. The wife and I have over 200 saved passwords that we could never manage without your software. Great work, great product, thanks."

-- N. Winters, VA, USA

"I just purchased PasswordVault and it is excellent."

-- Dr. J. Miliziano, FL, USA

"Your programme is one of the best pieces of software I bought last year, so keep up the good work!"

-- L. Poll, Surrey, UK

"I just put PasswordVault upgrade Ver 5 on my computer and thank you. In fact, I almost did not change because Ver 4.3 already was working so great. I deleted V 4.3 ... and the subsequent installation of Ver 5 was foolproof. It picked up all the passwords without flaw, even though I had backed up the pv files for insurance. Most importantly, after several years use, I continue to think Lava Software has an outstanding product in PasswordVault.  I would not go without it, especially with computer security ringing so critically important nowadays."

-- J. Davidson, WA, USA

"You folks are great and thank you for a great product. I love the ease of use and ability the product gives me in creating very strong password protection."

-- K. Ruth, UT, USA

"I have been a user of PasswordVault for years and I love the product. I use it daily and would be lost without it."

-- M. Holloway, UT, USA

"Thank you very much for first class customer service and product. Be sure that I will recommend your product!"

-- J. Sorensen, Denmark

"Thanks for your great program.  I'm telling all my friends with thumb drives."

-- T. Lopez, VA, USA

"Thanks for an excellent product."

-- K. Focht, NV, USA

"This is a great little tool."

-- B. Wesson, CA, USA

"This is what I have been waiting for!! I hate Gator!"

-- C. A. Saunders, NH, USA

"I love the Mac and I love your utility."

-- D. Barsocchini, CA, USA

"It is a very good program and one that is essential in these days of requiring harder, more robust passwords for adequate computer security."

-- J. Davidson, WA, USA

"Your product PasswordVault Lite 4.2 has been awarded by us with 5 stars and the SoftPedia Pick Award !"

-- Softpedia




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