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PasswordVault Lite v8.2.0   (18 November 2013)

This free Lite Edition supports up to 25 services and includes a 30 day trial of auto-distribution (a Pro Edition feature). Unlimited import and management of web bookmarks is also supported for 30 days (Std and Pro Editions remain unlimited).

Note: There is no Adware, Spyware or Malware in PasswordVault.

    Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (English, 13.6mb)

          o HTTP server 1

    MacOS X (English, 17.8mb). Mavericks compatible.

          o HTTP server 1 (dmg) | HTTP server 1 (zip)

PasswordVault Enterprise Edition Lite   (coming soon...)

Enterprise Edition Lite is free, supports up to 15 users and includes both the server and client software. Each client supports up to 25 services. In a small office, the server can simply be installed on the computer of an admin user. In larger organizations, the server may be installed on dedicated hardware, but can be installed on the computer of an admin user within a group or department. See user manual for details.

Kenbushi® v7.5.1   (17 November 2008)

Now free for all users.

Note: All computers must run the same version of Kenbushi when sharing files.

    Windows XP/Vista (English, 32.6mb)

          o HTTP server 1

   MacOS X (English, 50.8mb) - Universal (PPC and Intel)

          o HTTP server 1 | HTTP server 1 (zip)

Note: The Windows 98/ME/NT and MacOS Classic versions of Kenbushi are no longer available.

PC-Mac SecureJournal v1.0 demo

This application contains a highly-secure document editor and diary/journal. The document editor allows you to create, edit and store your private notes, ideas, product designs, commercial information, academic papers, etc. with the knowledge that other computer users and Internet hackers will never be able to read them. The diary/journal allows you to easily create, edit and maintain daily journal entries, without the risk of other people being able to read your personal experiences, thoughts and ideas.

    Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP (English, 1.5mb)

          o HTTP server 1

    MacOS X (PPC, English, 968kb)

          o HTTP server 1