New in v8.0

Stylish new ‘Origami’ default button set and ‘White Marble’ backdrop

Complimentary graphical style for Windows 7 and MacOS X 10.6

An updated button layout enhances the aesthetics of the user interface

Various enhancements, optimizations and fixes

Enterprise Edition Extras

Suitable for small offices, up to very large organizations eg. Universities

User data is encrypted and stored in encrypted form in the central database

The PV Server software sets up in minutes on any organizational intranet

Easy user setup - on first launch, user enters IP address of server and registers

Automatically integrates existing data from other editions of PasswordVault

Excellent monitoring and reporting functions make server management easy

Company-specific security news and policy updates shown to users on login

Leverages the user’s network login name for identification and improved security

Logging of various user activities in separate daily log files, for auditing purposes

IP address filter on the server rejects connections outside an IP address mask

User data is stored locally and on server, ensuring maximum data availability

Standard HTTPS protocols used for secure client-server communications

Enterprise Edition Lite is free and supports up to 15 users. Download now!

Volume pricing discounts reduce cost per seat

See user manual for further details

Pro Edition Extras

Support for multiple users on shared computers (eg. households)

Individual online sync accounts for each user

Securely syncs services between team members

Incredibly flexible data syncing schemes are possible

Logging of service changes for each auto-import when syncing

Granular control of users’ access level via service categories

Feature List

One-click access to usernames, passwords and websites

Also securely stores Internet banking, software serial nos, etc.

Protects your data using very strong double-layer 256-bit AES encryption

Powerful web bookmark manager with full online cross-platform synchronization

Futureproof design helps consolidate your data and keeps it working for you

Imports bookmarks from Firefox, Internet Explorer and other web browsers

Supports 1000s of services whilst maintaining superfast search features

Three levels of category for each service provides precise control of grouping

Textclip library function makes it easy to build standardized emails and docs

Allows you to access all your data by entering a simple 'Master Password'

Master Password Recovery System (MPRS) ensures you never lose your data

You can safely change your master password regularly, due to the MPRS

PasswordVault2Go runs directly on portable media like USB drives

Auto-filling of Web forms allows you to log in to most websites with two clicks

An auto-lock timer protects your data if you leave your desktop unattended

Find services quickly by category and/or by letters in the service name

Service categories can be added, changed and removed at any time

The random password generator can create very secure random passwords

Service data can be easily and securely backed up as an encrypted data file

Imports and exports service data in several clear text and encrypted formats

Imports data from most other password managers (Password Depot, etc.)

Encrypted service data files can be saved to and loaded from any location

Notes can be included with a service, for storing email addresses, etc.

Main service information access window takes up very little screen space

A dynamic help system provides information about the function of each button

A variety of attractive 'skins' can be selected for the main window backdrop

Windows 2000/ME/XP/Vista/7, MacOS X and Linux versions

You can download all versions (Windows, MacOS & Linux) when you purchase

Free upgrades to all future versions




  New in v8.0

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