"Kenbushi works perfectly on my MacBook Pro - just as fast and as elegant as on the AlBook and my Dell laptop. Wow! Your program is simple, elegant, and essential."

-- N. Busis MD, PA, USA

"A real great product. One of the only pieces of software that I'm more than happy to pay for."

-- D. Paris, NSW, Australia

"I just wanted to thank your company and the software designers for giving us Kenbushi.  After wrestling with another software vendor's expensive application that ended up not working at all after I installed OSX 10.4 two days ago, I now have a simple, elegant solution to my PC-Mac network file sharing needs that took ten minutes to install and set up and it works like a charm."

-- Mike G., CA, USA

"And by the way, your product works great.  We use it daily.  We have a mixed OS environment on a Gigabit ethernet and our transfer times from workstation to workstation are awesome (as opposed to transferring through a network computer)."

-- Pixelbox Visual Design, Ltd., WI, USA

"I must say, the speed of transfer is awesome."

W. Sharkey, PA, USA

"I should say that I am thoroughly impressed with your company's solution to what has long been been a nasty connectivity problem, one that neither Microsoft nor Apple has successfully addressed to date, despite their many claims to the contrary."

-- K. Silverstein, NH, USA


Success. Unbe'*******'lievable!

...Local Network, Virtual PC then Network,  Network via a Mate's OSX G5,

External FAT32 formatted Hard Drive (which went back), Bluetooth Network

(nightmares in OS9.1)...........

ALL FAILED to let me share files between my two computers!

However, Kenbushi worked! Thank You SO much. A very happy Garry."

-- G. Dunmore, South Yorkshire, UK

"I want to commend you on a wonderful product. I have over 100GB of digital video on a Windows machine but purchased a Mac (finally) to do some good editing. I couldn't get the machines to network but when I found your software I knew I was on to something. Thanks again."

-- K. E Kincheon Sr, GA, USA

"Thanks for your development, I really like the software, it's easy to use and stable. Nice work!"

-- F. Csiszar, Hungary

"Awesome product."

-- J. Weinstein, Ontario, Canada

"I'll definitely be recommending your software to others, it has been a godsend."

-- J. Davenport, London, UK

"It's the simplest and most affordable way I've found to share files between my Mac and PC."

-- J. Devlin, NH, USA

Wow! Very cool and very USEFUL software. Thanks!"

-- D. Acevedo, MI, USA

"I was knocked out with how easy it was to figure out."

-- T. Dean, GA, USA

Congrats - Runs like a Champ! A Great Solution!

-- W. Benton, FL, USA

"I love this program!!!  It has made my life much easier."

-- C. Starcher, TX, USA

"I'll tell ya something. TCP/IP is a real pain. There is more than one way to skin this cat and so far your's is the only one that works. I've tried Virtual PC on my Mac to hook up to the other PC. I've tried OS X. Yours worked 'out-of-the-box'."

-- L. Rosinski, CA, USA

"Thanks for a dynamite program!"

-- V. McKinney, AB, Canada

"This program is ideal for me when I want to feed projects and models developed on my Mac to the PC version of apps like Bryce, and let the PC render at 5x the speed! Thanks for a great product!"

-- K. Kimmel, TX, USA

"Its big plus is the ability to work with your choice of classic OS and OS X Macs and any flavour of Windows from Win95 onwards."

-- Mac2Windows Review, October 2002

"Kenbushi user and very pleased."

-- K. Hirt, MD, USA

"Love the program. Also like the fact that it's a bit of Aussie ingenuity!"

-- A. Vanderlaan, NY, USA

"A great product just gets better and better! Keep up the good work!"

-- L. Solanke, Cambridgeshire, UK

"First class product. The proof of the pudding is it works when required."

-- J. Kane, Cleveland, England

"Your Kenbushi is so easy to use and works fast directly between the Mac and PC, just the way we wanted it."

-- B. A. Jensen, Hoersholm, Denmark

"I just purchased your Kenbushi for my PC and Apple iBook and it works like a champ. It's just what the doctor ordered."

-- M. A. Sell, PA, USA




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