New in v7.5

Full multi-lingual support (Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Chinese, etc.)

Loads media files with non-English file paths onto media players, mobile phones, etc.

Now fully compatible to the Divx movie format (playback through VLC media player)

Provides easy access to detailed information about video podcasts

Various bug fixes and improvements

Feature List

Digital Media Jukebox

Plays movies, TV shows, vidcasts and music videos full-screen

Loads multimedia players, mobile phones and USB memory sticks with media

When playing music, track title, artist and album information is displayed

Supports a very wide range of media formats including MP3, DivX and H264

Wireless remote control using any PDA with Wi-Fi (eg. Pocket PC, etc.)

Skipmarks(TM) system allow segments of movies to be bypassed

Remote media file and folder searching by file or folder name or media type

Can turn any Windows, MacOS or Linux computer into a media center PC

One computer can control media playback on multiple remote computers

Multiple bookmarks can be set for each media item

Playlist shuffle and looping

Playlists can be created instantly

Note: Remote media playback control is not offered on MacOS Classic version

Wireless Slideshow Viewer

View wireless slideshows using any PDA with Wi-Fi (PSP, DS, PPC, etc)

Automatic high-quality scaling of slideshow photos to suit any PDA screen size

Optional automatic rotation of photos to maximize screen viewing area on a PDA

Organize slideshows on your computer - no need to resize and upload to PDA

Any number of slideshows can be created/viewed without using PDA memory

The interval between slideshow photo changes is user selectable

Slideshow viewing works on any PDA or computer web browser

Cross-Platform File Sharing

Perfect for home, school or office networks

File access is protected by highly secure 896-bit encryption

Works over wired and wireless LANs, as well as over the Internet

Swap movies, photos or music with friends and family via the Internet

Transfers between computers can be stopped and resumed at any time

Any files, folders or disks on your computer can be selected for sharing

Clear, centralized control of shared files and folders helps improve security

File transfers can be verified, to ensure files are not corrupted during transfer

Easy Internet setup of dispersed LAN workgroups (eg. students at Universities)

Any folder can be Web-enabled, allowing it to be accessed by any web browser

Users can be set to act as workgroup hubs, for easy LAN workgroup segregation

Virtual Private Network function offers encrypted transfers (Pro Edition only)

Protects data transfers from snoops on wireless networks (Pro Edition only)

Versions for Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP, MacOS and Linux (i86)

MacOS Classic version compatible from System 8.6 to 9.2

Data Backup

Backup plan wizard sets up a backup plan suitable for most users in one click

Simply drag and drop files and folders to backup onto a backup plan

Ready-made backup plan templates for purchased iTunes music, photos, etc.

An activity list shows all backups and restores, with easy access to log files

Incremental backup over LAN or Internet to one or more destination computers

Up to 256-bit AES encryption of remotely stored backup files

The 'Clues2Key'(TM) encryption key system allows easy encryption key recovery

Missed automatic backups are run as soon as computer is switched on

Automatic daily backups of laptops to home servers when users get home

On and offsite storage of backup data provides backup data redundancy

Files with specified file extensions can be excluded or only included in backups

File data integrity is verified during storage and recovery using MD5 signatures

Backup plans can be on automatic or 'Alert Only' schedules, or set manually

'Alert Only' mode is perfect for rolling backups of a working folder (eg. a thesis)

Notes describing backup can be included with 'Alert Only' backups

The incremental backup system stores new versions of files with old ones

Data is restored using a simple file explorer interface with search capabilities

Data can be restored to its original location or saved to a selectable new location

The Pro Edition offers unlimited data backup (the Standard Edition is limited)

Note: Data backup is not offered on MacOS Classic version

Remote Folder Sync

Folders can be easily synchronized between computers eg. desktop and laptop

Synchronization works over wired and wireless LANs, as well as the Internet

Folder synchronization over Internet allows you to perform offsite data backups

Only updated or new files are transferred


Long file names and file names with Unicode characters are supported

Supports the transfer of huge files, even when using dialup modems

Safely access files stored on your home computer from school or work

Broken file transfers (due to modem dropouts, etc.) can be resumed

Automatically renames files to ensure cross-platform file name compatibility

File permissions are transferred correctly on MacOS X and Linux

Sets Macintosh type/creators correctly based on PC file name extensions

List of types/creators and PC file name extensions can be changed by user

Uses standard Internet protocols for all operations (ie. TCP/IP)

Offers large file support (ie. files > 2GB in size) on most computer platforms

A variety of TCP and UDP diagnostic functions can assist with network setup

Easy localization into any Unicode-based language eg. German, Japanese, etc.

A compact global floating window allows unobtrusive monitoring of file transfers

Fully compatible to DHCP and other automatic IP address allocation protocols

All incoming remote user connections can be viewed, and their actions monitored




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