IT Business Consultants

Usually, consultants sign up as an online affiliate at RegNow (see below) to receive a 30% commission on the PasswordVault purchase price, then supply their clients with the PasswordVault software and their own value-added services, such as installation, training, and support.

          View the IT Business Consultants reseller presentation for full details.

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Online Affiliates

Resellers can quickly and easily become an affiliate for PasswordVault via the RegNow online affiliate program. RegNow is part of Digital River, the largest online software reseller network in the world.

All the sales resources you need for PasswordVault are available at RegNow after you sign up: product descriptions of various lengths, a boxshot, icon, sales web links, etc. - basically everything you need to set up your website (or other sales channels) to sell PasswordVault.

For each sale, affiliates receive a 30% commission, which is automatically accumulated into your RegNow affiliate account after each sale. You can later withdraw those funds from your account in various ways (eg. PayPal, direct deposit wire transfer, etc).

Sign up details

RegNow Link:

Vendor Name: Lava Software Pty Ltd

Vendor ID: 26990

PasswordVault (Std) details

Product Name: PasswordVault [Std]

Product ID: 26990-1

Unit Price: USD29.95

PasswordVault (Pro) 5-pack details

Product Name: PasswordVault [Pro] 5-pack

Product ID: 26990-2

Unit Price: USD89.00

PasswordVault (Pro) 20-pack details

Product Name: PasswordVault [Pro] 20-pack

Product ID: 26990-3

Unit Price: USD269.00

PasswordVault (Pro) 50-pack details

Product Name: PasswordVault [Pro] 50-pack

Product ID: 26990-4

Unit Price: USD499.00

PasswordVault (Pro) 100-pack details

Product Name: PasswordVault [Pro] 100-pack

Product ID: 26990-5

Unit Price: USD749.00

Please email us at if you have any questions.

PasswordVault Marketing Kit

This downloadable kit contains product descriptions of various lengths, JPEG banners, box art and icons.